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Phillip J. Heyl, Chief, Air & Maritime Branch wrote:

I just returned from a very successful planning meeting (January 23-27, 2012) with the Petroleum Security Coordination Center (PSCC) in Ghana — the agency responsible for developing a strategic security plan for their oil and gas industry. We have been asked to support their effort by conducting a table top exercise to test Ghana’s Maritime Strategic Plan, address security concerns related to the off shore oil industry, and assist the Government of Ghana in developing a whole of government approach to maritime security challenges.

The AFRICOM/NAVAF (U.S. Naval Forces Africa) group presented the proposed “Ghana Oil Security Table Top Exercise Design Concept” that leverages the experiences gained and lessons learned by the U.S. government and oil industry during the Deep Water Horizon incident. At a series of discussions between the U.S. delegation and the Ghanaian government, the design concept was approved by the PSCC. The success of this endeavor will further the Government of Ghana’s ability to respond to potential environmental and security threats and will foster an improved economic and overall security posture in Ghana and the region.

View pImagehoto: Phil Heyl of U.S. Africa Command discusses the upcoming Ghana Oil Security Table Top Exercise with Commodore Asante and Captain J O Kontoh of the Ghanaian Navy in Accra, Ghana on January 24, 2012.  For more blogs, visit〈=0

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