Experts see LNG as solution to Ghana's energy crisis

Energy experts and specialists have named liquefied natural gas (LNG) as the long term solution to Ghana's energy crisis.

They have revealed that gas remains one of the sustainable sources of providing cheap energy to Ghana, hence the need to explore its potential.

At a round table workshop on oil and gas, Dr Mohammed Amin Adam, Executive Director  of Africa Centre for Energy Policy, said gas as a s source of energy is no longer an option but a necessity and as such government should take steps to ensure its exploration for the country's benefit.

"We are not likely to get more gas from Nigeria because Nigeria is getting good prices for this commodity  from new markets in Europe. Ghana must therefore develop her own sources of gas", the energy expert stated.

He explained that though hydro was a source of power generation, it was highly limited in Ghana and as such, there was the need to consider other sources of energy.

"Hydro sources in Ghana are now highly limited. With the total potential of 2,500 megawatts, we have used about 1600 megawatts. Akosombo 1,020, Kpong about 160 and then Bui is about 400 megawatts, meaning that about 1600 is gone. The remaining 900 megawatts of our hydro potential are scattered across 21 mini hydro stations, where developing them as stand-alone projects become expensive and therefore government is not favourably looking to the development of those sources," Dr. Adam stated.

With the current energy crisis plaguing the country being attributed to a reduction in gas supply from Nigeria to the thermal plants, Dr. Adam stressed the need to increase gas generation since most of the country's thermal plants are being powered by diesel, light crude oil or natural gas.

This, he said, showed a shift from hydro (water) to a high reliance on oil and gas as fuel substitution with gas being highly favored since gas was relatively cheap¬er and environmentally friendly.

"As we speak today all our thermal plants except Asogli use light crude oil or natural gas. This means that we are moving to a high level of fuel substitution between oil and gas with gas more favoured because it is cheaper and also environmentally friendly. This means that if we are to solve our energy problem, then gas is no longer an option but a necessity and this is why it is important that we are discussing commercialising the gas potential of our country in solving our energy crisis", Dr Adam said.

source: myjoyonline citing BFT

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